Aw crap.

At the half, I said to my wife, “Well, we’re up, but we could always blow it in the second half like we always do.” I should have kept my mouth shut.

It was still a fun game to watch, at least until Jameel Sewell went out with an injury in the fourth quarter. Then it got sloppy fast. But still, I have to remind myself from the perspective of one glass of wine, at least we were in a bowl game, and not one of the low rent ones either. It was a nice end to a season that had its ups and downs.

Happy New Year

I have a bellyful of lentils and zampone, and I’m watching Virginia in the Gator Bowl. So far, a pretty good start to 2008. It’s snowing again, of course, but you can’t have everything.

I downloaded Dave Winer’s new FlickrFan yesterday, which is worth a look if you are a Mac user—a quick and easy way to put other people’s photos on your screensaver, and as Dave says particularly good for putting content on your HD TV. I don’t currently have a Mac hooked up to our 32″ LCD, so right now it’s driving my screensaver. I think the biggest stroke of genius in the thing is the default inclusion of the AP Photos RSS feed—absolutely brilliant to see totally world class photos of events almost as they happen.