Moving on

Career news: I am leaving iET Solutions to pursue other opportunities. It’s been a great ride, and I’ve learned a lot about the enterprise software business, from working with analysts to managing cross-market requirements and building roadmaps for complex suites of technology.

My favorite project is the one that we just shipped: we took the old, C++/MFC Windows client for our application suite and rewrote it from the ground up in .NET technologies, specifically the Windows Presentation Foundation and the Windows Communication Foundation. It’s a beautiful app now, as you would expect from a program with a XAML UI, and even better, it’s more usable because we took the opportunity to do a lot of redesign of basic features in the process. My favorite metric: going from five toolbars to one. And it was an important rewrite, because it gave us a ton more flexibility to add new features as well as giving us a better face to the market.

The team at iET Solutions is really talented, and I’m grateful they gave me a chance to shine. I look forward to continuing to see good analyst coverage on them and hearing good things about them in the future.

I’m taking a little break from the working world now, just a week off. I’ll be back with more updates about where I land once I start in a week. I will probably post a few things over the next week from the funeral and about my family’s history in Pennsylvania.