The best and worst of random surfing

Today’s quick random surf turned up some really horrifying things and some really funny ones, so here’s the best of each:

Horrifying: The Top 20 Most Bizarre Experiments of All Time at the Museum of Hoaxes (via). While it starts out whimsically enough with elephants on acid, the whimsy is cut short when you find out that the elephant DIED. About a third to two-thirds of the subsequent experiments are pretty sick, though the one about gender attitudes toward casual sex is pretty good.

Funny: Fight For Kisses, the new ad campaign from shaving equipment maker Wilkinson. The ad is subtitled in English and French, but the actual promotional site is all French. Nevertheless, the concept of babies going all Neo when they find out that their daddies are going to take Mommy’s precious attention away is kind of … disturbing. But funny. (via)