Rob Crawford for President of Red Sox Nation

Regular Guy Rob Crawford is running for President of Red Sox Nation. Once you get past some of the aggressive populism of his candidacy, he reveals himself as a candidate with some seriously good ideas for making the Red Sox accessible to all:

Have you ever had a conversation with someone that revealed to you that the other person’s life would be deeply touched by tickets to a Red Sox game? And you knew that if you owned season tickets, you would give that four tickets right there on the spot? Perhaps their spouse, who is a huge Red Sox, is in the final stages of terminal cancer, and tickets would enable him to say “goodbye” to Fenway. Or perhaps she’s a single mother with three kids who’s struggling to make ends meet and could never conceive of taking her family to a game. The Red Sox Angels program would put season tickets into the hands of Red Sox Angels across New England who would go through their daily lives looking and listening for people to give their tickets away to…

My second idea to improve ticket access is called, Sox Tix for Kids.

Almost no season ticket holder actually attends every Red Sox home game, and almost every season ticket holder would love to donate at least one game’s tickets to a group of children who have never attended a game at Fenway, have no access to tickets to Fenway, but really want to go to a game at Fenway.
I envision a program that asks season ticket holders, on their season ticket renewal form, to donate one or more games’ tickets to the Sox Tix for Kids program…

That in and of itself gets my vote. And by the way—the Red Sox Angels idea is a pretty nifty example of grace in action. Not a bad follow-up for the son of the head pastor emeritus of Old South Church… a man who, himself, used to write poems to each of the principals of his kids’ schools at the beginning of each school year, apologizing in advance for the hooky that they would be playing to catch home games. And Rob’s regular blog is pretty darned good reading too. (Subscribed.)

Check out Rob’s blog and comment on it—by doing so, you vote for good sense, good grace, and a good fan for president of the Nation.