Friday Random 10: Getting back to it edition

Because I am woefully behind in my posting, and because it is Friday, and because I am listening to music:

  1. Jeff Buckley, “Calling You” (Live at Sin-é)
  2. Low, “Silver Rider” (The Great Destroyer)
  3. David Byrne, “Don’t Fence Me In” (Red Hot + Blue)
  4. U2, “Party Girl” (Under a Blood Red Sky)
  5. Sonny Rollins, “Blue 7” (Saxophone Colossus)
  6. Roy Orbison, “It’s Too Late” (Sun Recordings)
  7. Peaches ‘n‘ Cream, “112”
  8. Nirvana, “Serve the Servants” (In Utero)
  9. The Tallis Scholars, “Requiem 5. Sanctus – Benedictus” (Cardoso: Requiem)
  10. Elvis Costello and Burt Bacharach, “I Still Have That Other Girl” (Painted from Memory)