Vista update: CSCService kills puppies

Following up on my earlier post about built in system services sucking CPU: when we last left the story I had disabled the Offline Files service, better known as CSCService, as a likely candidate for my regular out-of-resources situation. Four days later, it looks clear that CSCService is the culprit. I have had no resource errors, no forced reboots, or anything like the pain I was experiencing.

This isn’t to say that life is roses now. Vista is still slow and seems to get slower (to the point of being almost unresponsive) under relatively light loads. But it recovers now and it never did.

So the next question is, what caused this process’s CPU and memory consumption to render the system unavailable, and why did it go haywire in the first place? I don’t know the answer to the second question, but I can only suspect that there’s something in my list of offline files that caused the service to start killing my system. I’ll try purging the list and reactivating the feature to see what happens.

But the other question: I’m pretty sure that the unresponsiveness has to do with the fact that CSCService was running in the same process space with half a dozen other services, including the window manager. Bad, bad, bad, bad, bad, as Juliette Lewis said in Natural Born Killers. I think I read something about changing the affinity setting for svchost processes in the registry to prevent this behavior; that might be the other thing worth trying to get the feature working again.

For now, I’m just happy that the perp has been fingered.

It’s time to play the music, it’s time to light the lights…

…It’s time to wait for the Cavaliers to blow it in the fourth quarter, on NCAA football (tomorrow) night.

Speaking of the Hoos, a UVA undergrad on Facebook told me that the South Lawn project (building new academic buildings over Jefferson Park Avenue and into the parking lot across from New Cabell) has claimed the life of the Glee Club House Annex, also known as Acme Acres (former phone number: AXE-ARCH). Moment of silence. I crashed on scary futons in that house on more than one occasion and designed a fair amount of Glee Club paraphernelia on Tyler’s computer there. I was also exposed to the horrors of Paul Stancil on a sugar high, and Jack Van Impe telling us that the Bible says that the Antichrist is coming from Spain, so watch who the UN puts on the Security Council. Plus “This rotund marmot is not amused.” Sigh.

Driving friendships between creators and critics

So: the Comics Curmudgeon rips regularly on Sunday newspaper feature Slylock Fox (“Kids! Find the 6 differences between these two panels! Help Slylock figure out how Cassandra Cat murdered those girl scouts and turned them into cookies!”)—probably incidentally driving up readership of the strip. Slylock Fox creator Bob Weber returns the favor with a custom-designed t-shirt of Cassandra Cat playing Ursula Andress, to be sold through the Comics Curmudgeon. Very cool.

RIP to the Beer Hunter

RIP Beer Hunter Michael Jackson, whose writing taught me everything about beer that I never learned at college. The front page of All About Beer has a tribute and his final column, ironically about surviving a near-death experience earlier this year (sorry, no permalink). They also have a guestbook, which currently features signatures and stories (some quite lengthy) from various beer luminaries including homebrew club members, Finnish brewers, and Sam Calaglione of Dogfish Head.

Catching up

A ton of links that have stayed open in various browser windows for a few days as I dug out of work in the next few posts:

Let’s start with an oldie but goodie: Lawyer and administration critic Daniel J. Solove investigates the Playmobil Airport Security Screening playset, which is now even further behind because it lacks a 50-gallon trash can for mixing passengers’ potentially hazardous bottles of liquid together.