I finally bit the bullet today and pulled the plug on my old manual system of tracking what I’m listening to, reading, or watching at any given moment. There were all sorts of reasons to do so, but three factors combined to make me make the change. The first was the eleven step manual workflow needed to update each of the entries in that list. The second was an honesty factor; I don’t need to show a movie in the list all the time if I only watch movies once a month. The third factor, though, is how easy AllConsuming makes it for me to track the information. Now all I have to do is tell AllConsuming that I’m listening to, reading, watching, or eating something and it will show it on my site automatically with a single line of JavaScript.

This, of course, flies in the face of what I said two years ago about blog related services. What’s changed is that I don’t have the time to maintain some of the more manual parts of the blog any more, and there are better services available now than there were then.