Watch out, he just rubber banded that guy into bricks

There is one kind of Lego play, the kind I indulged in as a kid (and intermittently since), that consists of making models of things—for me it’s spaceships, but it could be houses, cars, boats, Hogwarts castles, whatever. There is a whole other kind of Lego play, the art of making models that do things. Cars that drive. Robots. Cranes that lift.

None of them are as cool as the Ultimate Lego Chain Gun. Built by master modeler Sebastian Dick, this thing humbles me down to my 1x1s. 64-shot capacity with 11-shot-per-second fire rate, the gun can “carpet a room in rubber” in less than six seconds. You have to see the video to get just how cool this thing is.

And the scary thing is, Sebastian isn’t the only brick munitions maker out there. Check out the Lego Minestorms Aegis missile launcher, which uses a camera for visual targeting of its missiles.