Snow a-comin’

We’ve had a nice run of it this week, but Esta is heading home today…into the thick of a March snowstorm. And I’ll be heading out to Framingham shortly, despite the fact that the last time they called for as much snow as we’ll get today, it took me three and a half hours to drive the 19.7 miles between the two locations.

(I never wrote about this, but when I was doing Holiday Pops concerts in 2005, I had a Friday morning rehearsal followed by a call at the office. It was snowing as I drove onto the Pike from Symphony Hall, but just a dusting. By the time I got out of my call at the office three hours later, I had six inches on my car. I spent 45 minutes just getting up the hill out of our parking lot, and another 45 making my way down Speen Street to go back to the Pike…)

So hopefully today goes better.