iPhone: Holy crap

Well. If the keynote coverage on Engadget is anything to go by, I may have bought my 30Gb iPod too soon. Also, all the naysayers may go and hang, apparently, because the iPhone aka touch-screen iPod aka mobile Internet device looks like it’s hit the ball out of the park. And really, the naysayers are looking pretty damned stupid right now. I’d love to read the reaction to the iPhone by Michael Kanellos, the CNet analyst who claimed that the phone companies had such a big lead in phone design. Especially nice: it runs Mac OS X natively, no “mobile edition”. The question, of course, is whether the pricing is too much of a premium for the market to bear. $499 is a lot for a phone, even if it is also an iPod.

Other keynote reaction: I’m still trying to figure out if the new Apple TV obviates my need for a Mac Mini to play back my music—can I just attach a pair of hard drives to it and access my library directly?

Finally: The Apple (just Apple, no A, B, Computer, or bloody D) website is slow, but I finally found the product pages for the iPhone and the Apple TV.