Friday Random 10: No longer random edition

I have my new 30 GB iPod loaded up with a bunch of my favorite mix tapes cum playlists in addition to the purely random playlists that I used to keep on the old model. So this week’s playlist will be random samplings from songs I like a lot as well as stuff that I haven’t really listened to yet.

  1. Mint Royale, “Show Me” (Dancehall Places)
  2. Morrissey, “Alsatian Cousin” (Viva Hate)
  3. Morrissey, “Late Night, Maudlin Street” (Viva Hate)
  4. Morrissey, “I Don’t Mind If You Forget Me” (Viva Hate)
  5. Pixies, “Born in Chicago” (Rubáiyát)
  6. Frank Black, “Whatever Happened to Pong?” (Teenager of the Year)
  7. Frank Black, “(I Want to Live On An) Abstract Plain” (Teenager of the Year)
  8. Frank Black, “Calistan” (Teenager of the Year)
  9. Frank Black, “Freedom Rock” (Teenager of the Year)
  10. Hilliard Ensemble, “Credo” (The Old Hall Manuscript)

Oops. I keep forgetting that the “shuffle by album” setting applies to the master Shuffle Songs menu item as well as regular play. So here’s a bonus random 10 that is a little more random… even though it begins and ends with a Tom Waits track from Orphans:

  1. Tom Waits, “What Keeps Mankind Alive” (Orphans)
  2. Youssou N’Dour, “Fakastulu” (Set)
  3. Last Exit, “Every Day’s Just The Same” (Last Exit Demos)
  4. Above the Law, “Freedom of Speech” (Pump Up the Volume)
  5. Robert Johnson, “Malted Milk” (The Complete Recordings)
  6. Beck, “Rowboat” (Stereopathetic Soul Manure)
  7. The Rolling Stones, “Get Off My Cloud” (Singles 1965-1967)
  8. The Corn Sisters, “She’s Leaving Town” (The Other Women)
  9. Melissa Etheridge, “Similar Features” (Melissa Etheridge)
  10. Tom Waits, “First Kiss” (Orphans)