Breaking rhythm

Under duress, a lot of traditions can go by the wayside. Example: we couldn’t find cotechino this year, having gotten started on our shopping a little too late, so we will be ringing in the new year with salmon and lentils instead. Oddly appropriate, given the little tidbit that Zalm dug up earlier this month about Christ being of the lineage of Salmon. This will be an adaptation of the redoubtable salmon with favetta and citronelle that we learned to make in Seattle, with lentils instead of favetta since we’re clearly in the wrong season for fava beans.

Other than that? Same tradition as before: going to bed early on New Years Eve. But this year we listened to a month’s worth of Funky 16 Corners during dinner, and I will be playing a few minutes of Redline, my new in-between hours addiction, prior to crashing for the night. So the wheel of time does move on rather than just in a circle.