Non-traditional Christmas gifts

Just in time for the holidays, a pair of BoingBoing links to some great gifts for that person who has everything. First, the OnDemand Action Figure Builder, which primarily seems to be about hair and face type generation and clothing choices — the available body type is essentially a GI Joe, limiting one’s ability to do really creative figures—but is still pretty cool. I can already see a big aftermarket in doll-sized custom t-shirts. Maybe this is a market opportunity for CafePress?

Second, of course, what everyone needs is a novelty USB memory stick, particularly one that draws a little power from the USB port to, um, go to town. Don’t miss the movie. Love ’em up!

Maestro, wait, I’m still downloading the score

Very cool: the Neue Mozart-Ausgabe (New Mozart Edition), an online archive of scores to all the composer’s works. Please note the Personal Use Only warning before you download a set of scores for your next concert performance…

The resource is going to be invaluable for scholarship. Why, I myself have already downloaded the scores to KV. 231 and 233 (the “Kiss My Ass” canons) for further study.