Friday Random 10: Power Out

Or, more precisely, Power Back On. I’m in my office now, but was working from home this morning because of a power failure that took down our entire building. (Apparently an air conditioner overloaded.) But they fixed it and it’s back to business.

So without further ado, this Random 10, in which the first two tunes are combined greater in length than the next 8:

  1. Branford Marsalis Quartet, “Countronious Rex” (Contemporary Jazz)
  2. Anthony Braxton, “Cherokee” (9 Standards: Quartet, 1993)
  3. The Charlatans UK, “A Time for Living” (Help)
  4. Bobby Bare, “Everybody’s Talkin’” (The Moon was Blue)
  5. Vic Gammon, “He That Buys Land” (The Tale of Ale)
  6. Sufjan Stevens, “Chicago” (Illinoise)
  7. Beth Orton, “Conceived” (Comfort of Strangers)
  8. Billy Joe Shaver, “Georgia on a Fast Train” (The Third Annual Oxford American Music Issue 1999)
  9. Woody Allen, “Summing Up” (Standup Comic)
  10. Funkadelic, “I Wanna Know If It’s Good to You (Alt. Version)” (Free Your Mind…And Your Ass Will Follow)