Don G.

Only one review so far for the weekend’s performances, but it’s a good one: Boston Globe, Levine leads triumphant Don Giovanni. I would agree with Dyer’s assessments of the soloists, particularly Matthew Polenzani, Soile Isokoski, Morris Robinson, and Luca Pisaroni. The cast had tremendous rapport and it was fun to watch from the best seats in the house, even if we only had a few minutes of song.

The bloggers generally agreed: Bravo, Alto Flute thought it was “very very very very VERY good” and said it gave him/her chills, even at the 3 hour plus running time. The writer at My Blog Is Laaaaaaaame says the singing was magnificent. Fanw, who was on stage with me, notes that the female contingent of the TFC was captivated by both Pisaroni and Mariusz for more than strictly musical reasons. Of course, one grumpy blogger at MessagesAboutMusic wrote that the singers sounded like a bunch of mediocrities to him. Wonder if he was listening to the same concert.