Friday Random 10: Tanglewood Kickoff

Lisa and I took today off and we’re heading out in a little while to see the new, improved James Levine leading the Boston Symphony Orchestra in the opening concert at Tanglewood. Should be fun. In his honor, I’m bending the rules a little and doing a shuffle of all-classical tracks—not that they’ll be all-orchestral, given how my collection goes.

  1. Dieter Goldmann (Frederic Chopin, composer), “Nocturnes Op. 27/2 Des-Dur” (Masters’ Classic: Chopin #2)
  2. Hilliard Ensemble (William Byrd, composer), “Mass for Four Voices: V. Agnus Dei” (Masses for 3, 4 & 5 Voices)
  3. The Sixteen (François Poulenc, composer), “Un soir de neige, II” (Chansons francaises)
  4. Peter Schickele and the New York Pick-Up Ensemble (P.D.Q. Bach, composer), “II. Andante alighieri” (Concerto for Two Pianos vs. Orchestra, S. 2) (Two Pianos are Better Than One)
  5. Gewandhausorchester Leipzig (Franz Liszt, composer), “Les Préludes, S 637” (Liszt: Les Préludes, Hungarian Rhapsody)
  6. Hilliard Ensemble (Carlo Gesualdo, composer), “In II Nocturno, Responsorium 2” (Gesualdo: Tenebrae)
  7. Hilliard Ensemble, “Three songs of St. Godric: Crist and Sainte Marie“ (Sumer is icumen in (Chants médiévaux anglais))
  8. Steven Drury (John Cage, composer), “Suite for Toy Piano” (In a Landscape)
  9. Les Violons du Roy (J. S. Bach, composer), “Sinfonia” from the Peasant Cantata, BWV 212 (Bach: Secular Cantatas)
  10. Theatre of Voices/Paul Hillier, “Sangilio (Organ Solo)” (Hoquetus)