Friday Random 10: Oh thank god edition

I can honestly say I’ve never been so glad to get to the end of a week as I am today. Of course it’s not over; I have a stack of calls and meetings this afternoon. But as I look at the window in my new office at work I can already feel my blood pressure dropping. Bring it on, rainy weekend! I pwn j00z!

  1. Mitch Hedberg, “Candy Bars” (Mitch All Together)
  2. Beth Orton, “Absinthe” (Comfort of Strangers)
  3. They Might Be Giants, “Narrow Your Eyes” (Apollo 18)
  4. Brodsky Quartet (George Crumb, composer), “Black Angels I: Absence: Threnody II. Black Angels (Tutti)” (Death and the Maiden)
  5. Choir of Trinity College, “Gloria sei dir. v. 3” (In Dulci Jubilo)
  6. Charlie Haden and Pat Metheny, “Message to a Friend” (Beyond the Missouri Sky)
  7. Luscious Jackson, “Under Your Skin” (Fever In Fever Out)
  8. Sufjan Stevens, “Concerning the UFO Sighting Near Highland, Illinois” (Illinoise)
  9. The Velvet Underground, “White Light/White Heat” (White Light/White Heat)
  10. The MDH Band, “Satellite of Love (reprise)” (The Million Dollar Hotel)