Not that much of a stretch

Found on a future bookshelf, thanks to the fine folks at Wired:

Dianetics Revisited: the Truth About Scientology.

Check the author. (Use the sideways view at BookOfJoe if you need help.)

Hee hee hee.

Especially funny is its placement a few books down from The GTDism Reader: The Last Testament of the Prophet David Allen. (Merlin Mann, are you listening?)

Also good: the byline on Look Young Forever.

Friday Random 10: Not on a damned plane edition

I can’t stop grinning. This may be because I arrived home after 2 am this morning because of delays flying back from my business trip in Milwaukee and therefore am operating on a massive sleep deficit. But it may also be because of the juxtaposition of “Hey Ya!”, “Word Up” and “The Rubbers Song.” Heh.

  1. Louis Armstrong, “2:19 Blues” (Louis Armstrong of New Orleans)
  2. Elvis Costello, “You Turned to Me” (North)
  3. Neko Case, “Knock Loud” (Canadian Amp)
  4. Shannon Worrell, “Jefferson’s Lament” (The Moviegoer)
  5. Neko Case, “Things That Scare Me” (Blacklisted)
  6. Cameo, “Word Up” (Word Up!)
  7. OutKast, “Hey Ya! (Radio Mix)” (The Way You Move/Hey Ya! [single])
  8. New York Chamber Symphony, Gerard Schwarz (Richard Strauss, composer), “V. Le Trophée” (from Divertimento (after Couperin) (Schoenberg: String Quartet Concerto/Strauss: Divertimento)
  9. The Postal Service, “Against All Odds” (Against All Odds [single])
  10. The Pharcyde, “The Rubbers Song” (Stolen Moments: Red Hot + Blue)