The Supreme Court: Anyone can play!

put your friend on the court

Democracy for America : America Needs a Friend on the Supreme Court. Why Not Yours?. If you saw Bush’s nomination of his pal Harriet Miers and said, “Huh. So the only qualification she has is that she’s his friend? I bet my friend could do better”—well, now’s your chance to put your nomination where your mouth is, Binky! I nominated my good friend Greg Greene, because he makes a killer gumbo. Though as an actual, you know, lawyer, he might be overqualified.

I’m sure that there are equally snobby qualifications that you could put forward for your friends. Enter early and often. Recommended nominee types:

  1. Your mom.
  2. The neighbor—you know, the one with the really annoying cough.
  3. Bono.
  4. Anthony Kiedis: because all of his friends are so depressed.
  5. Larry Lessig. God knows he needs something to do to take up all his free time.
  6. The Tin Man: because then he’d have to blog about something else.

It’s fun! Anyone can be a Supreme! Play along!