Beaten to the punch.

I was very excited that I was going to be at our house for the first day of our AC install today, and that I would be able to document the whole thing, when I opened my RSS aggregator last night and realized that: The Old Man and the Street had posted a much more compelling set of first-hand observations of his AC installation than I could manage. Like our house, his is a high-velocity system being installed in an old house with no existing ductwork. Unlike our installation, it looks like the Old Man’s owners (yes, the Old Man is the name of the house) will be keeping their radiators. And I think our installation team will be moving the blower into the attic first, rather than cutting the runs for the ducts. But otherwise a very similar project.

Oh well. Being first isn’t everything, right? Hopefully our team will have the AC working as quickly and easily as The Old Man’s.