Can’t stand the heat

It was a great weekend, but hot. As in, I’m surprised I didn’t melt right off the stage Saturday night in my new tux. Lisa has business in New York this week and went yesterday with her parents back to NJ, taking the dogs with her. Definitely the right move. They would be having some trouble at this point, it’s so hot.

Yesterday I escaped the heat for a while by going to the movies, where I caught the Hitchhiker’s Guide at the Arlington Capitol Theatre (verdict: about a 3 out of 5. Marvin wasn’t as effectively used as he could have been, but there was a fair amount of magic in the rest of the story), then came home and napped in the air conditioning of the bedroom for a few hours. But the portable AC unit was having a hard time keeping up with the heat too.

Last night I dreamt that our new AC system had been completely installed and that we didn’t have to patch any of the walls afterwards. Oh well. Back to reality.