Google google google, google google google.

Three Google items:

  1. The new personalized Google interface has arrived, prompting cries of “Oh God, it’s a portal.” Good: the default interface is still clean and uncluttered. Bad: for now.
  2. Google Desktop went out of beta.
  3. Google AdSense for RSS feeds launches (see fellow Sloan class of 2002 grad Shuman Ghosemajumder’s post on the Google Blog for other links). I’m really of a mixed mind on this; on the one hand, bully for all those small publishers whose sites are supported by AdSense revenue, because they just got a way to make their RSS feeds pay for themselves. On the other, AH GOD GET THE ADS OUT OF MY RSS AHHHHH!

Geez. Even writing this post, I’m feeling a little too much like John Cusack. Malkovich malkovich? Google google google.