Bad night for stemware

Beginning a day with 600 pounds of topsoil and ending it in the emergency room is probably not uncommon. Ending it in the ER because of a wineglass is a different story.

After a bunch more lawnwork yesterday (including borrowing a Very Heavy Roller and raking about 600 pounds of topsoil), I grilled some t-bones alla Fiorentina (coated in a blend of rosemary, sage, thyme, salt and pepper, with a little olive oil) and cooked about a pound and a half of spinach with olive oil and garlic, The consensus is that we could have used another pound of spinach; the steak was good too.

The first warning sign that our glassware was revolting came when I pulled out four champagne flutes from our corner cabinet and discovered that one had a bad crack in it. (The adjunct bad sign was looking up the price of the replacement this morning.) The second bad sign came a while later, as I was drying a wine glass. I dried the bulb of the glass with my left hand while I held the base in my right. Then in a split second, the stem broke and I plunged it into my palm.

After applying pressure to stop the bleeding, we decided I probably needed to get someone to look at it to make sure no glass remained in the wound. So we ended up at Mt. Auburn ER, where I left four hours later with a tetanus shot, a cleaned puncture wound closed with three stitches, and a splint to keep me from creating more pain by moving my thumb while the cut closed.

I am learning to do a few things left handed, and fortunately after some initial awkwardness it seems my typing is mostly unimpaired. I could have been much less lucky.