ITxpo side note: blogging

feedster search results

One thing I find interesting is the small number of bloggers in attendance at the conference. I’m currently sitting next to the only other blogger on the conference blogroll, Boris Pevzner of Centrata (and of MIT Course 6 mid-90s). Feedster and Technorati don’t turn up many hits for ITxpo; in fact, Feedster notes that this site is the biggest contributor and helpfully offers to scope the search relative to this site, which is a little scary. Likewise, most of the hits in Technorati are follow-ups to press releases or announcements made at the symposium. Is there so little of value that happens at the ITxpo that no one has thought to do it before, or is it just that the sort of organizations that have embraced blogging are under-represented among the attendees?

Certainly the logistics have a way to go before the conference becomes truly blog-friendly, with none of the socratic dialog (or good WiFi) that characterize the best of the unconferences I’ve attended. But the presence of the conference blog is a nice first step.