ITxpo: IBM announcement press

Some follow up links on IBM/Tivoli’s ITSM announcements yesterday.

CNET: IBM’s Tivoli tackles IT processes: “The majority of application failures are due to changes that get introduced to a working system, said Bob Madey, vice president of strategy and business development for Tivoli.”

ComputerWorld: IBM unveils Tivoli systems management software. “The idea of having a centralized database for tracking IT assets in an organization arises from long-standing recommendations by the Information Technology Infrastructure Library (ITIL) and other systems management groups. BMC has already announced a centralized database, but IBM believes a federated approach makes more sense because many companies have infrastructure databases already, Madey said.”

The MarketWire release talks about the expansion of IBM’s Open Process Automation Library aka Orchestration and Provisioning Automation Library(OPAL) to IT service management, a point I failed to capture yesterday because I need to know more about it before I fully understand the implications.