Time traveler’s convention, anyone?

Okay, pop quiz: what’s funnier than a bunch of MIT students deciding that this weekend will be the only ever Time Travelers’ Convention (because, technically, you would only need one time traveler convention)? First, the decision that it would be held in East Campus Courtyard, which certainly won’t hold all the necessary time travelers. Second, the story on CNet. And third, the comments on CNet, which as of this writing included:

  • I went last year. I was a bit disappointed as the only people there were a bunch of geek wanna-bes.”
  • Which parallel universe? They forgot to mention which parallel universe it was held in. My timeline led to 28,762 instances — of which 32 looked very likely — but I was low on Planck energy… ”

Finally, of course, the CNet story misses one very important thing: the proximity of the Time Travelers’ Convention to the Disco Dance Floor. I submit that this is nothing more than a cheap excuse for a party. Which of course I want to crash.