Bubbler blowback

I got a couple nice notes from Glenn Reid, CEO of Five Across, following up on my critical review of their new blogging tool Bubbler. They’re starting to add in some of the missing features I complained about, including RSS—which Glenn blogged about at his new Bubbler blog. (Subscribed.) I like that the RSS feeds are automatically built for all the content sections, not just the text posts.

Remaining things that the team could do fairly quickly to simplify the process of interacting with Bubbler blogs:

  • Update the default templates to provide permanent links for each entry. The anchor names are already in the XHTML—the app just needs to build an easy way to grab the permalink without viewing source.
  • Revise the client to make it possible to enter HTML source so that I can do proper hyperlinks and images.

As I guessed, the team is moving pretty quickly to add features to the basic bubbler™ beta, so I expect to see the app progress. I also like the responsiveness of the company—it’s not every day I get emails from a CEO after I complain about the company’s product.