Laugh while you can

producer/director nigel ashecroft-worcestershire goes euro-style

I need to visit the Slowpoke Blog more often. My college friend Jen Sorensen will be part of a traveling political comix revue called Laugh While You Can, together with Tim Kreider and Tom Hart, that will be in Cambridge next month (at the Million Year Picnic). Should be cool.

One of these days I need to see if Jen still has the art to that Dec illustration

In the meantime, here’s another memory from those days… “Brit Hit,” a one-page article from a Dec parody issue, with yours truly as Nigel Ashecroft-Worcestershire. No, I didn’t write it (but I know someone who might remember). Yes, the goatee was real. Yes, I was probably ulcerated even then. No, I never owned a real black turtleneck; only the mock one (Shame!). Yes, the glasses really were that thick; no, I usually wore contacts. No, I had no idea what they were taking my picture for at the time, but I was soon to find out—as soon as it made it into print, anyway.