Let a thousand RSS badges bloom: RSS roll-out continues across Microsoft.com

Following up on the launch last week of the Microsoft.com blog portal and our RSS platform technology, I wanted to point to the first product site to consume the new capabilities: the Exchange Community site and newsgroup listing. My boss, Kevin, blogged all the things about this release that are cool (dynamically managed no-maintenance content feeds that automatically expose RSS). Bink.nu also has a pointer.

What you basically should know is (a) this is the first manifestation of the vision that I sketched in our original post about RSS blooming across Microsoft.com like a field of little white-on-orange link badges; (b) there will be a lot more of these coming as our version 1.0 community pages adopt the new publishing technologies and get lots of RSS goodness.

From an RSS perspective, this page exposes the following new feeds:

Plus two more that may or may not prove useful: Most Active Exchange Newsgroups and Exchange Blogs. (We don’t know how frequently the listings will change or if people will want to use RSS this way, but we’ll be interested to see if it works for you.)

Feedback, as always, greatly welcomed, especially by Dave Morehouse who is going to be working to roll a lot more of these out across our server-focused sites.