Thanks, Mr. Kerry. I think

Boston Globe: Kerry pushes for Pops concert: Would punctuate convention week. Heh. “Punctuate” indeed. As in, “@#$!@##!!(!@#$!!!!!”

I love the Globe because it doesn’t even pretend to be impartial when it thinks an idea is stupid. Quoth the article, “The Wednesday evening concert would feature the Pops, James Taylor, and a fireworks bonanza. And potentially hundreds of thousands more people on top of those already in town for the convention… the gift hasn’t exactly been welcomed by some city officials and Back Bay residents, who said the impact of crowds of concertgoers on an already burdened city that week could be more of a curse than blessing.”

SENT finally going live

Back last winter, I wrote about submitting some photos to the SENT camera-phone exhibition. The exhibition, which combines works by invited artists and celebrities as well as thousands of submissions by the public, is finally going to happen, starting July 10 in Los Angeles. You can even look at some of the public submissions online, though with the random one-image-at-a-time loader, I still haven’t seen any of my images. (Boing-Boing, SmartMobs)

Inside scoop about Safari RSS and more

I figured that Dave Hyatt, ex-Mozillan in charge of Safari and one of the only Apple employees blogging, would be all over Monday’s announcements about RSS and Dashboards in Mac OS X 10.4. I was right:

  • Dashboard, in which Dave explains that Dashboard panels are HTML + CSS + JavaScript
  • Dashboard II, in which Dave traces the lineage of the Dashboard concept back to Mozilla and browser sidebar panels
  • The Search Field, in which Dave writes about the extension of the Input element that makes the new Search field omnipresent
  • Safari RSS, in which Dave talks about version numbering and product naming
  • Dashboard III, in which Dave talks more about the architecture (including security measures to prevent execution of malicious embedded code) and Safari 2.0’s new support for WinIE’s drag events
  • Plugin Scriptability, in which Dave makes clear the connection between the new plug-in formats coming down the wire and Dashboard widgets

I wasn’t all that excited about the Dashboard on Monday, but I am now. I get excited any time a rich new programming platform gets born.


Apologies for the post outage. We flew with the dogs to Lisa’s folks in New Jersey yesterday, which is always a long day without blogging. Lisa’s folks picked us up from the airport and fed us some fantastic pulled pork barbecue, which more than made up for the trip (four and a half hours in coach with two dogs that don’t want to go to sleep is always a joy).

Today I hooked up our wireless base station to her mom’s computer and am happily blogging away from the kitchen counter. WiFi is one of those inexhaustable reservoirs of delight. Every time I set up a wireless network in a new place I get that giddy feeling of freedom all over again.