I’m a driver, I’m a winner

phonecam photo of field in lancaster pa

Well, it didn’t take until Friday to spill the beans. Sent Online is now showing one of my contest photos as an NPR Phonecam Challenge winner. Thanks to Alex Chadwick at NPR, Xeni Jardin at BoingBoing, and the rest of the curators of the exhibit. The contest will be discussed on tomorrow afternoon’s Day to Day show at half-past the hour; audio should be available shortly thereafter.

The photo was taken last summer at the annual Brackbill picnic at the hereditary Brackbill/Hershey farm in Lancaster County, PA (the rest of the photos are linked from the article).

And the rest of the links in that list? Well, now I really have to get better at taking photos, both with the phonecam and my digital camera. The heat is on…

Phonecam and digital camera round-up

A list whose relevance will become apparent on Friday today:

Stay tuned…