For all those who wondered what I do…

Two weeks ago at TechEd, Microsoft’s big conference for IT Professionals, my boss showed off some of the things we’ve got in the pipeline. A few people, including Microsoft CRM blogger Alex Barnett and the inevitable Mary Jo Foley, have had a few things to say about what was shown.

For a peek of what we’ve been working on that’s actually shipped, take a look at the new web-based newsreader available through the Communities site and baked into dozens of product-specific community listings around the entire MSCOM network. The newsreader launched yesterday, and like any new web technology there may be some teething pains, but we think the user experience is really going to make a difference for those who want to talk to other customers, MVPs, and Microsoft employees to figure out how to solve their problems with our technology.

All I can say is, keep watching.