Coolpix and iPhoto

Quick follow-up to yesterday’s post about my first experiences with my Nikon CoolPix 2200. Some of the image questions I had—the small resolution (800×600 vs. 1280×1024) in particular, and some of the extra image artifacts on street signs—were caused when I upstreamed my photos to the web from iPhoto. The native resolution of the images was much higher. However, I still saw light balance problems on some photos (to fix, I’ll need to pay more attention to light levels and exposure settings when I shoot) and moiré effects on the shot of the clock tower. Apparently there’s not much I can do about that given the camera’s resolution; I’ll just need to be aware of it.

I forgot to mention one bennie of this camera: it’s really small, light, and portable. Almost as light as my cell phone, a little bulkier in a pants pocket but really not too bad.