Boycotting Virginia?

Hooblogger Dave Tepper writes, “ provides the most cogent analysis I’ve seen yet of Virginia’s latest anti-gay law. Simply a vile, disgusting law all around. I’m still encouraging people, including a gay friend of mine who’s considering going to grad school at U.Va., to boycott the state.”

While it isn’t exactly a surprise that Virginia isn’t progressive on this issue, the specific implications of Virginia’s holding as null and void civil unions and “partnership contract or other arrangement between persons of the same sex purporting to bestow the privileges or obligations of marriage” are pretty alarming. I guess, living in blue states for the last four years, I had forgotten how the “mainstream” feels about issues like this.

Issues like basic human decency. And good models of marriage. My home state, lest we forget, was also home to a particularly keen model of marital bliss.

And, of course, to my 10th college reunion this weekend. I’ll be interested to take the pulse of other alums on this one. My feeling is that many of my friends will hold my position, but some of Greg’s friends from the Jefferson Society will try to play the usual gay-bashing cards.