The links in my neighborhood

A quick tour round the block:

  • “CSS is like Legos.” — Tom Harpel at Tandoku, about the design of The title of Tom’s piece is an hommage to Bob Dylan’s last album, Love and Theft, on which the master has subsequently been proved to appropriate lyrics from an obscure Japanese novelist. Tandoku is Japanese for “independence.”
  • “every day 14 kids are killed, 81% from guns. … but there you have the vice president holding his phallic symbol of power and protection and defense and safety. three incredibly handsome men checking out that nice long hard shaft. whoops a kid just died. in ninety minutes another one will go. dont let it get you down though, fellas, odds are it was a brown kid.” — Tony Pierce’s Busblog.
  • “The internet doesn’t touch people who decide in the voting booth how to vote. The internet doesn’t touch a whole lot of people. But we won the activist universe.” — Matt Gross, ex-blogger in chief for Howard Dean, speaking on Presidential Blogging during BloggerCon II: Electric Blogaloo (thanks to Tom at TheMediaDrop for the summary).
  • “I’m in the refrigerator. — I’m in the ice box. — They’ve got me put away and they’ll pull me out like a carton of milk when they need me, and then put me back.” — Secretary of State Colin Powell, as quoted by Bob Woodward in a 2002 60 Minutes interview about his book on the first 100 days after 9/11, Bush at War.
  • “I prefer not to develop back problems while reading, so I’m waiting for the paperback.” — self professed Bookslut Jessa Crispin on the new Neal Stephenson book, perhaps ironically called Confusion.
  • “I didn’t get into this to make money.” — perhaps unnecessary quotation from Ned Batchelder in the New York Times, on how making about $2 a day in Google AdWords from his blog isn’t leading him to quit his day job any time soon.