Four services later

I just got done with Easter dinner with Lisa and her parents, after spending seven hours at church (like AKMA, I was up at 5 for a sunrise service). Four services’ worth of singing, including four performances of the Hallelujah Chorus, took a lot out of me, but fortunately the veal roll with arugula sauce and potato and tomato casserole put a lot back into me.

Also have to give a big thumbs up to the Planeta Winery, whose Santa Cecilia has to be one of the most incredible reds I’ve tasted recently. Big full bodied fruit up front just bursting with flavor, yielding to a softer but still intense almost-vanilla aftertaste.

Now to nap, hopefully.

(Thanks, Tony, for the link, and belated best wishes to you and Mox on the “nuptials,” however April Foolish. If two bloggers with such diverse political views can find connubial bliss (or even nubile bliss), there’s hope for us all.)