Good blog news, bad blog news

Good: Greg seems to have had an excellent weekend. Of course gentlemen don’t pitch woo and tell, Greg, but iChat is always on should you care to share additional details—absent names, of course. 🙂

Bad, 1: Esta’s blog is going on almost a month of being inaccessible, thanks to a problem with the server. It can be read, but you can’t post to it.

Bad, 2: Craig’s hosting provider had a hiccup and lost his blog. no backups. He has to start over again from scratch.

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Running like hell over three airports in the course of the weekend: $400.

Upgrade to first class so I could sit next to my wife for one leg of the flight: $75.

Two tickets for the Food and Wine Festival, for which I still owe George: $80.

Hotel room in Santa Rosa: $90.

Getting home at midnight Sunday with a system shipping on Monday that I’ve been working on for almost a year: priceless.

Had a blast on the road, really. But it’s good to be home.