In Sparky’s home town

I didn’t realize it until we passed the exit for the Schulz Museum on 101 this afternoon (though I mentioned that I thought we were in the neighborhood as we passed through Petaluma—remember the World Arm Wrestling Championships?), but Santa Rosa had the distinction of being Charles Schulz’s home for the last forty years of his life. This is where he built the famous ice rink; where his studio was; where grateful residents erected a statue to Schulz’s memory of his most famous creations; and where the museum honors his memory. There’s even a Snoopy Labyrinth.

Maybe we can squeeze in a visit in the morning before we return to the wine tastings…

Sybarites in Sonoma

I feel a bit like a stuffed Thanksgiving bird, and it’s only the first day of the month. We’ve just spent a day in Sonoma County with George and Becky at the Wine and Food Affair. We started at J Winery, but our favorite winery of the day was probably Acorn, who did some magnificent things with the Dolcetto and Sangiovese grapes. From there it was on to a half dozen others, of greater and lesser quality. Thankfully there was enough food along the way to keep us from turning into total sodden souses.

Tonight we’re staying in Santa Clara, which turns out to have three world class French restaurants and a pretty decent southern Italian place within walking distance of the Courtyard Marriott—probably the only place in the world where that’s true.