The backchannel: how to filter the signal from the noise

There’s a killer backchannel on the IRC, #bloggercon:

RossR (2:48:47PM): kevin: yes, but that’s a luxury that we have now because the s/n ratio is still good…

KevinMarks (2:49:01PM): no, there is a lot fo noise
RossR (2:49:01PM): …it won’t be always.

KevinMarks (2:49:06PM): but we pick what is signal

KevinMarks (2:49:20PM): there are 1,000,000 blogs

KevinMarks (2:49:23PM): at least
dsifry-afb (2:49:27PM): wheee!

KevinMarks (2:49:30PM): most of them I’m nto interested in
RossR (2:49:32PM): wait till it starts looking like your inbox..
.heiko-afb (2:49:39PM): Just because Yahoo has a bad quarter doesn’t mean the Internet is not going to be used by every man, woman, and child, and business on this planet in the next decade”

houseofwarwick (2:49:42PM): LOL: osama on livejournal, blogroll

mama-writing (2:49:54PM): people like dave sifry have done a lot to build signal filters into the system itself.
KevinMarks (2:50:11PM): but blogging (sans comments) are pre-filtered
dsifry-afb (2:50:11PM): wheee (2:50:13PM)
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KevinMarks (2:50:25PM): dsifry is channelling britta
KevinMarks (2:50:42PM): Doc knows where the crack is
mama-writing (2:51:01PM): Kevin, I disagree. There’s a large amount of noise in the blogospher, and that will just get worse. (Much like Usenet, I suspect)
houseofwarwick (2:51:03PM): Doc’s on a roll “NO ADAM YOU’RE WRONG”
KevinMarks (2:51:14PM): but you don’t have to read it all liz
dsifry-afb (2:51:16PM): noise is in the eye of the beholder
houseofwarwick (2:51:17PM): bloggers in baghdad?
houseofwarwick (2:51:26PM): kevin sites yes
mama-writing (2:51:27PM): Maybe Dave can tell someone they’re full of shit, just so that they know he appreciates them.
RossR (2:51:30PM): as the ratio gets worse, it will be harder to make the interconnects…
KevinMarks (2:51:32PM): each blog has a voice
RossR (2:51:39PM): look at blogroll rot as the first example of that…

RossR (2:51:52PM): the connections are degrading already… (2:51:53PM)•
mama-writing looks at schedule to see when Joi’s talking…
KevinMarks (2:51:55PM): blogroll rot is a symptom of RSS uptake
houseofwarwick (2:51:55PM): yes kevin, ross, both right
cadence90 (2:52:03PM): I enjoy weeding my blogroll.
JoiIto (2:52:17PM): Tomorrow afternoon….
KevinMarks (2:52:18PM): and lousy blogging tools ofr editn blogrolls
cadence90 (2:52:19PM): But I like things that give me an illusion of control, I like to wash my car, too.
houseofwarwick (2:52:24PM): weeding makes my knees hurt
mama-writing (2:52:26PM): Kevin, I think you’re right. people who don’t use aggregators tend to prune their blogrolls more carefully, I think.
JoiIto (2:52:27PM): is good…
RossR (2:52:30PM): cadence – you shouldn’t have to…your aggregator should do that for you (presuming that your blogroll is a list of sites that you read)….
KevinMarks (2:52:31PM): and removing peopel from blogrolls is tricky
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houseofwarwick (2:52:42PM): yescadence90 (2:52:52PM): What would make it easier is if I could figure out a way to display “this blog last posted to”
Tim (2:52:52PM): agreed
RossRheiko-afb (2:52:55PM): tricky and political
mama-writing (2:52:59PM): aggregators are private. blogrolls are public/private
cadence90 (2:52:59PM): I’ll get there at some point.
houseofwarwick (2:53:00PM): removing is tricky–people are good to read even if they don’t post often