Education cont’d

Glenn asks about making this available for other people. What about other countries? Another asks about inclusion vs. exclusion–minorities, inner cities. Jenny suggests libraries, despite disparity in funding, might be the right way to go.

Side note: Cool article about BloggerCon attendee posting habits; thanks Lisa for the link.

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Other thoughts: It’s hard to convince districts that this is a good use of technology. Control issues, tech support issues, etc.

How to make room for blogging in curriculum? Pat: Have teachers teach teachers. But stop busting public schools every time there’s a problem.

Q: What is cooperative weblogging? Does it open new academic and educational frontiers? Brian: It happened because we wanted to share readers and be able to take days off, but has become something else.

Conclusion: Pent-up interest in doing this in schools, radical shift in and from students wrt expectations.