New PowerBooks, and I’m obsolete again

MacSlash has a thread on the new PowerBooks announced this morning in Paris. It looks like the long awaited aluminum revision of the 15″ PowerBook model has arrived, with a new top end speed of 1.25GHz, ports on the side including an 800 MHz FireWire port, built in BlueTooth, AirPort Extreme (802.11g) ready, 80GB hard disk available, and of course the backlit keyboard. No news on whether the 15″ aluminum model is less of a Faraday cage (wrecking AirPort reception) than the titanium model; the 12″ and 17″ AlBooks appear to have licked the problem of the . Oh well. I can take consolation in the fact that the new aluminum model is a tenth of an inch thicker and 2/10ths of a pound heavier than my svelte 1″, 5.4 lb TiBook.

Update: Thanks to Greg for pointing out that an 80 GHz hard drive would be an oddity.