Can’t sleep. Must blog. Graduate tomorrow.

Two years ago I was junking a promising career in IT consulting to put myself heinously in debt chasing an MBA. I was afraid I’d be losing my career momentum and my geek cred.

Today the jury is still out on the former, but I think I’ve answered the latter with a definitive yawp. Plus, thanks in part to this blog (which turns one year old, as a blog, next Tuesday), I have also regained my voice. Granted, I’m not writing poetry any more, but honestly some changes are for the better. 🙂 I think it’s been worth it.

Silk officially rocks

Dave pointed to Silk today. I got around to trying it out. Holy crap. I installed it while going through my news queue in Radio, and when I switched back to Mozilla from installing it the text changed immediately from regular to antialiased. Unbelievably easy and smooth.

Happy anniversary, M&D

Happy anniversary to my parents, who (as of yesterday) have been married for 31 years. As I continue in my own path through marriage, I realize just how impressive and difficult a feat this is.

(PS—yes, I’m a day late in blogging this (thanks to Esta for the prod), but I did make dinner for them last night.)

Bit of a nasty Boston day

Oh well. The day started out ok, weather-wise, but quickly started misting, then raining, then blowing. Our first stop was to be the Boston Tea Party ship; had we checked ahead, we would have learned that a fire in the ticket booth closed the ship down some time ago.

We were luckier at the Museum of Fine Arts. I had never seen much of the museum’s exhibits of furniture, musical instruments, or china; now that I’m going to be a homeowner the furniture, especially, is fascinating. And lunch was good at Vox Populi. Now I’m just keeping my fingers crossed that the weather clears up for tomorrow.

Gray day

A good day for museums here. I’m taking my parents around Boston—my dad’s never been up to see us since we got here. Should be fun.

And suddenly your readers are no longer anonymous

Radio users used to be hidden behind the informative name “” in my referer logs. No longer! Now I know who’s reading this site! And some of them are darned interesting, like Nicholas Riley, whose blog is subtitled “thoughts from a computer science graduate student, medical student, and Cocoa programmer (this week).”

This alleviates an information asymmetry that’s existed since the beginning of writing…