I learned a new usage for the word “hammered” in my office. I kept hearing people saying that they were “totally hammered” on a particular day. Since they didn’t look drunk (hammered usage 1), I investigated further and found that they had a lot of meetings that day, very few of which connected directly with their project (usage 2). I think that too much usage 2 leads to usage 1, myself.

I’ll be pretty hammered (usage 2) today and therefore won’t blog too much. Fortunately this weekend is WOMAD USA, the big world music festival. It’s being held less than two miles from where I work. I’m especially looking forward to Isaac Hayes, Youssou N’Dour, the Blind Boys of Alabama, and Kathryn Tickell. Oh, and Peter Gabriel should be good fun too.

Great term for what seems to happen on a lot of these websites, including mine: blogrolling. (Thanks to Doc Searls for the term [hey, that’s blogrolling in action!]).

I have my own theories about why Microsoft’s Swiss subsidiary pulled its sexy ad for Office XP. Having seen the ad, the detail that’s missing is that the “Microsoft prompt” that appears is in response to a menu item chosen from a Smart Tag popup. Now that’s the missing “killer app” for Smart Tags: pr0n.

Interesting “spam bake-off” on CNET today. Personally, I take advantage of free email accounts and use them wherever I feel I might have spam exposure risk. Then I check them until I have my answer and move on.

Also: I used a new method to post yesterday’s story and it screwed up navigation via the calendar. To get to the stories for the last couple of days, you may want to use these links:

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