Searching this Site

Okay, so the info below is interesting, but largely out of date. Here’s what you need to know about searching this site:

  • I use Google search. Google indexes the site pretty aggressively.
  • Google has search results for both my new and old domains. Because of some configuration issues, you won’t get a radio button for my old domain in the search results in Google. I’m working on it.
  • I’ve added Feedster search, but until I get a way to give them one honkin’ massive RSS feed with all my old posts from 2001, it only finds posts from about April 2003 onward. But it does provide results sorted by date!

Yesterday I tried to add Google Search to my web site.

There were some issues.

For one thing, as I noted, the graphic caused IE to flag my site for a privacy violation. For another, it turns out that Google indexes this site so infrequently that none of my newer content is available. So while it may be a kick that my copies of Lee Keath’s Hoover strips with Reggie Aggarwal show up really high in Google, it doesn’t help the site’s users.

Fortunately, the good folks at UserLand who built Manila (the software that serves this site) also built an open search engine for this server. So the site has been indexed by this search engine all along. Now I’ve added an input link to allow you to use that search engine to find my site.

The only thing I’d like to fix is that the search results take you to their page, which is a little jarring (different look and feel). But it works.

For a while I’ve been looking at my referral logs and have been amused by the number of referrals for various keywords that I’ve seen. The list below is mostly for my information as I track the referral hits, but you may find it interesting. Unless otherwise noted, all referrals are from Google.