Alive, still

All indications to the contrary, I’m still alive. It has been a lovely, if thundery, few days here in the mountains to the north and west of Asheville. Food has been commensurate with past experiences—steak at my uncle’s on Tuesday night, big southern breakfast Wednesday (eggs, sausage, sawmill gravy, biscuits, grits, tomatoes, cantaloupe, fig preserves, … Continue reading “Alive, still”

Music Review: Christopher O’Riley, Second Grace: The Music of Nick Drake

Christopher O’Riley is on a roll. Recently he has parlayed his successful public radio gig into a public television gig; he also has two Radiohead transcription albums and one Elliott Smith transcription album under his belt. Now comes his latest transcription album, Second Grace: The Music of Nick Drake. And for better or worse it’s … Continue reading “Music Review: Christopher O’Riley, Second Grace: The Music of Nick Drake”

Past Listening, 2003

This is the archive of albums that appeared in the Current Listening spot in 2003.

Greatest Hits

Some of the highlights of this site. Most popular and best written pieces. Most popular No explanation for the popularity of these is possible. Mostly I hit the zeitgeist by accident. Apple: How to Bury an Important Announcement Trogdor the Burninator Yankee Hotel Foxtrot For your burninating enjoyment, Trogdor the 8-bit Flash Game Win without … Continue reading “Greatest Hits”

Blogroll update: great writers new and old

Two additions to the blogroll, both of whom belong in some sort of canon or other: Samuel Pepys and William Gibson. Two blogs, two very different writers. To misquote Dickens, Pepys is dead, to begin with. But Phil Gyford is turning Pepys’s diary into a daily blog. Good reading and the comments (aka “annotations”) are … Continue reading “Blogroll update: great writers new and old”

pilgrimage journal

For the kids’ privacy, I’ve listed them as Girl 1-8 and Boy 1-2. The other two leaders are, logically, Leader 1-2. 6-22-02 So I’m starting this a day late. I didn’t have patience yesterday for writing. What a day. I’m so amazed that we got through it in one still-speaking-to-each-other piece. Up at 5, out … Continue reading “pilgrimage journal”


For the utter weirdness of it: last night’s dream: We were ushered into my high school auditorium, waiting for the demons to call our names and take us away. We knew our fate: our tongues would be cloven, our skin melted, our bones wadded into tiny balls that were gleefully swatted around by the golfers … Continue reading “Dream”