Friday Random 10: No Lights edition

Haven’t done one of these in a long time, but a partial power outage at work seems like a good reason to start. Here are the first ten tracks that have spun up from my music player today. I will confess to cheating a little by removing that one Johnny Mathis Christmas tune that came … Continue reading “Friday Random 10: No Lights edition”

Friday random 10: Prince esta muerto

I break the normal rules of the Friday Random 5 once again, this time for the obvious reason. I wasn’t as completely shocked by Prince’s death as I was by Bowie’s, but that’s partly because Bowie had just dropped an incredibly compelling new album that in retrospect clearly laid out what was happening to him. … Continue reading “Friday random 10: Prince esta muerto”

The return of the Friday Random 10 … er, 5

It’s been over five years since I did a Friday Random 10 post. When I was last blogging daily, these posts started out as a group blogging challenge, a fun way to talk music and other stuff. After a while they became mechanical and they stopped along with my other blogging. Now that I’m three full … Continue reading “The return of the Friday Random 10 … er, 5”

Random 10: Week Before Christmas Edition

As one of my friends observed on Facebook recently, I haven’t posted anything in quite a while; either my life is too boring or insanely busy. I am trying to work on driving down the “too busy” factor as we get into the holidays, but so far about the only thing I can manage is … Continue reading “Random 10: Week Before Christmas Edition”

Friday Random 10: It’s been a while

Well, I have to confess that writing a proper blog post a day has been more challenging than I anticipated. Which is why today’s “proper blog post” is a Friday Random 10. iTunes is on shuffle; let’s see what happens. Bill Cosby, “Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band” Miranda Sex Garden, “Exit Music (For A … Continue reading “Friday Random 10: It’s been a while”

Friday Random 10: because it’s been too long edition

I put the iPod on shuffle earlier this week and was struck by two things: out of 1500 songs, it came up with two Nick Drake songs off the same album; and there are all kinds of ways to be embarrassed by your musical taste. Smithereens, “A Girl Like You” (Blown to Smithereens: Best of) … Continue reading “Friday Random 10: because it’s been too long edition”

Attack of the Living Dead Friday Random 10

It’s been a good long while–over a year? really??? where did time go?–since I posted one of these. In that time I finished my “listen through” of my music library, so I don’t have a large pool of unlistened to songs on my iPod. Instead, a good many of these are likely to be songs … Continue reading “Attack of the Living Dead Friday Random 10”

Friday Random 10: Getting back to it edition

Because I am woefully behind in my posting, and because it is Friday, and because I am listening to music: Jeff Buckley, “Calling You” (Live at Sin-é) Low, “Silver Rider” (The Great Destroyer) David Byrne, “Don’t Fence Me In” (Red Hot + Blue) U2, “Party Girl” (Under a Blood Red Sky) Sonny Rollins, “Blue 7” … Continue reading “Friday Random 10: Getting back to it edition”

Random 10: It goes to 11 edition

It’s been a long week and I haven’t been online very much. Rest assured, I haven’t been slacking. Today’s random 10 is sponsored by Spinal Tap, who would have taken it to 11. Boston Symphony Orchestra (Seiji Ozawa, cond.), “Herr Gaensefuss, Frau Gaensekraut” (from Schoenberg’s Gurrelieder) (Gurrelieder/Chamber Symphony No. 1 and 2) Johnny Cash, “Mean … Continue reading “Random 10: It goes to 11 edition”

Friday Random 10: Standing on the verge of getting it (the weekend) on edition

Lots of stuff happened this week, most of it between the hours of 10 pm and 3 am for various reasons. So today’s Random 10 will be brief. I will, though, point to one new site in my galaxy of affiliations: 43 People, which is now collecting my stories of meeting various famous and semi-famous … Continue reading “Friday Random 10: Standing on the verge of getting it (the weekend) on edition”