New house, new start


The Jarrett House North has moved. I don’t mean this blog, though given my relative silence here for the last too-long-to-count you’d be forgiven for thinking all the action was going on elsewhere. No, I mean our physical house. Ten years to the day after buying our first Massachusetts home, we became the owners of this 1947 Colonial in Lexington. After ten years in a Cape, I still can’t get over all the space. I mean, we certainly made that little Cape as spacious as we could. But it’s no match for center hall, full second floor, full attic. Even with only a half-finished basement it’s still a lot of room. So of course, we’re still in boxes despite having moved six weeks ago. But we’re getting used to the place and the neighborhood. And what a neighborhood! East Lexington was a separate village once upon a time and we’re right at the center of it all. I’ll post a little about our neighboring architecture soon. And the grounds are astonishing — after having to cut down a bunch of diseased trees at the old house, to have a bunch of healthy horse chestnut trees, maples, a gorgeous plane tree, and even what I think might be an apple tree is a fantastic blessing. So even on a rainy day, I can sit here and look out the window and say: we lucked out.

2 thoughts on “New house, new start”

  1. Hi! I found this delightful to read. My name is sarah miller and I live in the Robbins house at 475 Mass Av!
    Let’s chat! I thought you have you over for a Little time around the fire pit. I haven’t covered so many amazing things about this property. I’d love to hear more.
    Sarah Miller

    1. Hi Sarah, great to virtually “meet” you! I’ve walked by the Robbins house many times with our dog in better weather. What a neat home you live in.

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