Grab bag: New open source from Apple, new Glee Club CD

libdispatch Apple has open-sourced part of the Grand Central Dispatch API from Snow Leopard, which helps automatically split running processes among available resources for better performance. (tags: apple opensource macosx) Virginia Glee Club Live! The first new Glee Club CD of 2009 is out. (tags: virginia virginiagleeclub)

Review: Virginia Glee Club Live!

Virginia Glee Club Live!, the first of this year’s new recordings from the Virginia Glee Club, is now listed on the group’s website and available for purchase through Paypal. I received a copy in the mail about six weeks ago and have had some time to listen and digest, and I can recommend this recording […]

Eight years ago today…

Tragedy: …Forget about everything else. Here’s the story on Dave Winer has a good weblog of news stories as they come in. Use your common sense to sort through news and rumors. Don’t trust anything that isn’t linked. The context: I had already awakened and written a short blog post, and was at work […]