Eight years ago today…


…Forget about everything else. Here’s the story on washingtonpost.com.

Dave Winer has a good weblog of news stories as they come in. Use your common sense to sort through news and rumors. Don’t trust anything that isn’t linked.

The context: I had already awakened and written a short blog post, and was at work in the library at the MIT Sloan school, before I started seeing the headlines on Yahoo.

Note that the Washington Post story I linked to is no longer available. I didn’t link directly to Dave’s story, but his homepage is still there, of course, and his archives have the stream of September 11 news as it happened. Most of the news sites were slammed, but the blogs kept running.

Eight years on. Different leadership, different perspectives on how to keep us secure.

Osama Bin Laden is still at large.

Doug Ketcham is still missed.

We are still here.

(Also see, from 2002: One Year and Further thoughts; from 2003: Remembering and moving on; from 2008, Number Three on Flight Eleven).

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