Grab bag: Gurls, H1N1, and Fantastique

CLASSIC TRACKS: Big Star: ‘September Gurls’ Thorough review and appreciation of the classic Big Star albums, with interviews with Ardent founder and engineer John Fry. (tags: bigstar music) Model D – He is Family: The Fierce, Hot, Messy Times of Adriel Fantastique Old friend Adriel Thornton, aka Adriel Fantastique. And he’s very fantastique indeed. (tags: […]

Free is not free

Malcolm Gladwell reviews Free by Chris Anderson: Books: The New Yorker Gladwell’s review rightly points out that the cost of distribution going to free does not mean that there is no cost in the production of goods. So what happens when you follow that thought to its conclusion? (tags: economics free internet)

The Virginia Glee Club disbands — in 1912

This week’s Virginia Glee Club history post comes a little late, but better late than never because it sheds light on an interesting chapter of the Club’s history—its apparent, and apparently intermittent, disappearance in the years between 1905 and 1915. Thanks to a new item that has turned up in Google Books, and which I […]

Using XSLT with iTunes playlists

The Ape: iTunes “Recently Played” list on your website Very interesting and clever use of XSLT to translate iTunes playlists into HTML. It also works on single exported iTunes playlists rather than a whole library. (tags: xslt xml itunes)

New mix: september grrls

My latest mix, “september grrls,” did not start out to be (almost) all women artists, but it ended up that way. After strong releases this year from Shannon Worrell, PJ Harvey, Neko Case, and others, plus Kim Gordon’s contributions to the latest Sonic Youth… well, I couldn’t resist. Add to that a few songs that […]

Grab bag: Music and passion

Contraindication Is Your Best Entertainment Value: 58. Twilight of the Dudes (U.S. Maple: Long Hair in Three Stages, Sang Phat Editor, Acre Thrills) Amazing review from Tyler of a few US Maple recordings. (tags: music) Time Wastes Too Fast – And the Pursuit of Happiness Blog ( An illustration of Thomas Jefferson’s life. (Via Tin […]

Improving iPod FM adapter reception in a VW Passat

This one was counter-intuitive, but it worked. I’ve been suffering through static and interference ever since my Monster iPod FM adapter burned out and I replaced it with a different model. My Passat has the rear-roof-mounted antenna, and it’s apparently too far away from the FM adapter that I use for my iPod. It’s great […]

Grab bag: Brackbill research edition

HP releases iPhone versions of classic calculators | Software | iPhone Central | Macworld Freakin’ awesome. The physics major in me is quite happy about this. Wonder what sort of revenue stream HP will see from these? (tags: iphone hp) The Brubacher genealogy in America – Google Books More Lancaster Mennonite family genealogy. (tags: genealogy […]

Grab bag: Outlook, RepRap, drop shadows

Microsoft defends Outlook HTML decision | Microsoft – CNET News This is boneheaded, pure and simple. Preventing security problems in Outlook is laudable; doing it by implementing a broke-ass HTML parser as the ONLY way to view HTML email is stupid. That’s a regression, guys. (tags: microsoft outlook) RepRap – the self-replicating 3d Printer Pretty […]

Recovering from an iTunes 13001 error

I hesitate to write this post, but since I found very few reliable aids for surviving this error, I’m writing it up in the hope that it will help someone else. My MacBook Pro (first generation, dented side resulting in unreliable power cord connection, weak battery) shut off sometime overnight. Unfortunately, when I booted it […]

Grab bag: Economy hits home edition

Boston Symphony Orchestra announces layoffs of 10 staffers (The Phoenix) Argh. Sucks to be in this position; my condolences to the affected staff members. (tags: bso) Beck covers the Velvet Underground + Nico Beck starts a new project – cover an album in a day, with an assortment of guest artists. This time the project […]

Grab bag: Mennonite spies

Lancaster, PA: the most spied-upon town in America – Boing Boing Argh. The Amish-Mennonite part of my soul just died a little. (tags: security) Report: FTC to go after blogger freebies | Politics and Law – CNET News Very interesting, this FTC direction. It will be interesting to see how far they go down the […]

Songs of the University of Virginia: the 1906 songbook

It’s Friday, so it must be time for some Virginia Glee Club history. Before the first Songs of the University of Virginia album, there was the songbook. Compiled by A. Frederick Wilson in 1906 and featuring a combination of the still familiar (“The Good Old Song,” “Drink To Me Only With Thine Eyes”) and the […]

Grab bag: Books, iPhones, beer, and other good things

Google Books Adds New Features And Tools (TechCrunch) I dig the embeddable preview feature; will have to check that out for some of the research I’m doing. (tags: google books) iPhone 3.0 Update: 10 Hidden Features – PC World Most are not really “hidden”, but I like the unlimited apps and special characters tips. (tags: […]

Grab bag: iPhone 3.0 edition, plus valuable prizes

iPhone 3.0 Features “Copy and Paste This one wins the aware for the longest-time-coming iPhone feature. Just double-tap or tap-and-hold a bit of text to bring up your copy context menu, adjust the start and end points of the text you want to cut or copy, then tap the Copy/Cut button to finish the job. […]